10 Perfect Gifts For Her.

When looking for the perfect gift for a wife, mother, daughter or female loved one; the answer is pearls every time, hands pearls- the perfect gift for herdown. Sure diamonds are a girl’s best friend, but diamonds are unique are not for everyone and all ages.  Pearls are captivating and beautiful and are appropriate for all ages, styles, sizes, colors and skin tones.  With the huge variety of Akoya pearls, Freshwater pearls, Tahitian pearls and Golden South Sea pearls, there is truly a perfect pearl gift out the for every kind of woman.

Akoya pearls are classic, white and pristine and available with slight overtones of rose and ivory. These make the perfect gift for the traditional woman with a conservative and timeless style. They are also available in black.

Freshwater pearls are a lower price than Akoya pearls and come in shades of pink, peach lilac and white. Due to their mass availability, they are considered the perfect gift for a child, young adult or first time pearl wearer. More expensive pieces can be found for veteran pearl wearers who love the fresh and feminine shades.

Tahitian South Sea pearls are commonly found in black, bronze, green, silver, blue and peacock multicolor. These pearls are the perfect gift for a modern woman with a wide array of colors in her repertoire, or the edgy woman whose love of pearls isn’t diluted by her contemporary trend preferences.

Golden South Sea pearls are the royalty of pearls, rare and costly but worth every minute spent finding the perfect piece and every penny spent acquiring that piece.  This is the perfect gift for the woman with the neutral colored wardrobe and who loves unique and beautiful things. This is also the perfect gift for the woman who is shy and not flashy, who loves being cultured but not showing it off. A Golden South sea pearl pendants, ring or earrings are perfect for her personality.

Here are some perfect gifts for any kind of woman mentioned above and any we have not described.

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