3 Ways To Wear A Pearl Necklace Choker


Photo via Bangor Daily News

There are very few pearl necklaces that are more often discussed than the pearl choker. For some, the choker seems to be a little too small or tight, too informal. For others, that same necklace, since it is made from pearls, is still just as old-fashioned as a traditional matinee length look. Regardless of where you fall in your opinion of the pearl choker, here are a few new ways that you can wear it for maximum effect.


The layered pearl choker is a great choice, mostly because you can do so much with it. A layered pearl choker is also a very simple look to pull off, since double or triple wrapping a longer strand of pearls is all that you need to create the look. This is a great look if you want the look of a choker but you don’t want to purchase another pearl necklace.

Choker and Matinee Together

Another great look; this look is much more of a classic, perfect if you are going to a formal event, or just somewhere that you want to look good. To achieve this look, you can either double wrap a much longer strand of pearls, or you can wear a single choker and a longer matinee length.

Double Choker

The double choker necklace is very similar to a layered choker, but the big difference is that you are wearing two separate choker necklaces at the same time. This allows you to be a bit more creative, wearing two different pearl necklaces that have complimentary colors (or not). If you were looking for a slightly different way to wear a choker (or two), this would be the way to do it.

The pearl necklace will never get old, and when you have a list of great fashion options like the ones discussed above, you will never run out of great ways to wear your pearls!

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