A Pearl Bracelet is a Truly Timeless Piece of Jewelry

Nothing exudes a sense of grace quite like a beautiful strand of pearls wrapped around the wrist. There seems no better occasion to wear a pearl bracelet than on the most important day in a woman’s life – her wedding day. A wedding day is the culmination of a relationship – it is the day a woman makes a lifelong promise to the one she loves, such a day requires more than any old piece of jewelry. A special day deserves a special set of pearls.

Why do pearl bracelets and weddings go so well?

It is no secret that pearls are a symbol of beauty, style, and grace, but pearls are also a symbol of love. Nothing quite says “I love you” like a beautiful set of pearls. A bride or group of bridesmaids wearing a real pearl bracelet adds a touch of class to your wedding day. The luster of a pearl bracelet complements a wedding gown like no other piece of jewelry can.

Are they traditional?

Pearls have been a symbol of love for thousands of years. The Romans equated pearls with beauty and wealth, and anyone who wore them was held in high esteem. The Greeks on the other hand equated them with marital harmony, and thought they were the ultimate symbol of love and partnership. Even until this very day pearls are worn by royalty to weddings, and are considered the epitome of wealth and power.

Why a bracelet?

A bracelet, unlike other kinds of jewelry, is visible upon the arm and not on more sensitive areas of the body such as the face or neck. What makes this great is that they can be easily admired without putting pressure upon the wearer. On top of this, they act as a compliment to what the bride is wearing on other parts of her body. Most of the traditional decorations are concerned with the face, neck, and upper parts of the body, so when something is worn lower on the arm, it acts as a counterweight to balance it all out. When the bride extends her hand, she will confront the person that she is greeting with an aura of elegance, letting them know that she is taking her special day seriously.

A wedding day is the most special in the life of a person. The day that they swear their vows, and promise to love just one other person for the rest of their lives. It is important to wear something that matches the occasion. A real pearl bracelet made from our Akoya pearls is the perfect piece to complement the bride or her bridesmaid on that special day.

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