Add Instant Style to Any Outfit

When people think of adding instant style to any outfit, many things come to mind. Mix textures, add a belt, patterned tights child audrey hepburn- queen of pearlsor stocking always add a little oomph to whatever you are wearing and play around with scarves, headbands, glasses and hats. All great tips from great fashionistas, however mixing and matching those accessories take time and if you are travelling, bringing all your options makes it impossible to travel light.

The number one style secret to add instant style to any outfit is of course; pearls. It’s the world’s best kept secret that is slowly reaching the ears of any woman who wants her outfit to be amped up immediately. It’s been written before that there are pearls  for every outfit and occasion but the best way to add any kind of bling is with pearl jewelry.

A pearl bib is a modern way to add spice and style to any kind of attire. On a bare chest with a strapless top or a high collared crew neck shirt; a pearl bib adds style and glam and sits as a central point to a neutral or downplayed outfit.

A rope of pearls is also the perfect pearl necklace to add style instantaneously to anything you are wearing. Not only does this look good worn with a low cute dress or sheer shirt, it can also glam up a conservative blouse by being knotted and slipped on under the collar like a tie. A rope necklace also adds glam to a backless dress or top by being slung behind you and draped over your back with a choker look at the front.  This necklace is necessary for any pearl lover or anyone trying to add extra style because of it versatility. It can be wrapped multiple times around the neck or wrist and knotted in numerous places to create more strands, layers and different length. One piece that can be worn so many different ways; a definite style investment.

Another way to add instant glam without going overboard is with pearl rings and pendants. With one pearl resting on your finger or your collarbone, you can go wild with out there pearl colors you wouldn’t normally wear, adding style to your already chic outfit without detracting. Check out Tahitian South Sea pearl pendants or Golden South Sea Pearl rings and you will not regret it. The new way to add instant style to any outfit in your wardrobe is right within your reach.

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