Beautiful, Baroque Pearls

One of the seemingly unspoken qualities of pearls is that they are perfect. When looking for pearls, you want them to have the perfect luster, perfect size, and perfect roundness. When you’re looking for a gemstone with so many perfect qualities, it can be surprising to find that even oddly shaped pearls can be considered perfect in some regard. If you’ve never taken a look at them before, now may be the time to consider baroque pearls.


Photo via Etsy

Beautiful on necklaces, great in clusters

Baroque pearls can go where many other types of pearls can’t. While a beautiful round pearl might look fantastic on a pearl necklace, the singular shape of a round pearl can take away from certain types of jewelry, specifically bunched formations of gemstones.

Baroque pearls excel in areas where you want to liven up a traditional look, like on a pearl necklace. Instead of sitting right against the strand, baroque pearls tend to move more independently, making for a far more eye-catching look. When you use a baroque pearl in this type of traditional look, you get the benefits of pearls: a shiny surface and flawless appearance, with a slight twist that will help set you apart from the crowd.

The other great place that baroque pearls can be worn is in clusters. While pearl cluster earrings are a look that is incredibly popular, baroque pearls are even more widely used in clusters due to their far more eye-catching design. When used in clusters, you can even select baroque pearls that look nothing alike for a more modern design.

If you are still a little unsure of whether baroque pearls can really catch the eye more effectively than a traditional option, you need to look no further than the movie Tin Cup for evidence to the contrary. Tin Cup was widely recognized as a great golf movie, but it also created a fashion trend of its own when Rene Russo wore an incredible pair of baroque earrings. These earrings, while not what we would traditionally call ‘perfect’ pearls, were later nicknamed tin cup pearls following the movie’s release. The next time you consider wearing a set of pearls that are a little different, all you have to do is to look to this incredible fashion trend to see just how effective a simple change to your pearl jewelry can be.

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