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Who Wears Pearls?

Photo via Queen Jewel Vault Pearls of been a fashion statement for longer than recorded history. The fact that they still are is a testimony to their high status on many different levels. In modern culture, pearls are still extremely popular. Perhaps the two most famous wearers of pearls are Marge and Lisa Simpson. It’s not really hard to see where Marge and Lisa got their fashion sense. Other famous wearers of pearls include:
  • Queens Elizabeth I and II
  • Elizabeth...

Pearls: Jewelry at Its Best

celebrity pearls
At one time, pearls were synonymous with gracious living, Suburbia, and a great upper middle-class life. This was in the 1950s, when Donna Reed reigned supreme, and early TV sitcoms proclaimed that if you had pearls, then you had “arrived”. Pearls were de rigeur fashion accessories. Outbreaks of basic pearl jewelry, freshwater pearl earrings, and rather trivial “trinkets with pearls in them” were so inevitable they basically turned these beautiful jewels into something seen...

The Ancient History of Pearls

Ancient pearls
Pearl jewelry has been precious for thousands of years. In Middle Eastern, Chinese, and Japanese culture, pearls have long been prized for their beauty. The sheer range of designs of ancient pearls is a true guide to their historical value. Pearls also had another value in ancient times – they were easily portable cash. Pearls are lightweight, easy to hide, and could be traded for goods and services anywhere in the world. Pearl jewelry, in fact, may go back a lot further than recorded...