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Style Your Pearl Ring with a Fun Choice

Tahitian South Sea Pearl & Diamond Nova Ring
While many pearl choices center around the type of pearl that you might want, what about the style of the pearl ring that you are choosing? The style of a ring can say a lot about the look that you are trying to achieve. One type of ring style that is extremely popular to wear today is the laurel look. While there are many ways that you will see a laurel portrayed on a ring, the most prominent is in the engraved leaf that is woven through the design. ...

How Do You Prefer To Wear Pearl Rings?

Akoya Pearl & Diamond Cheryl Ring
For some, pearls may be something that are only worn in the most traditional circumstances. Even if you’ve relegated your pearl collection to formal occasions like weddings and family gatherings, it doesn’t mean that you can’t use strategically placed pearls to make an impact in other areas of your life. For many, wearing a pearl ring is one way to do just that. A pearl ring is the perfect example of something that begs for attention. Whether you choose a simple band to accompany your...