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Freshwater vs Saltwater Pearls

An open, freshwater pearl mussel.
If you have looked into buying pearls, the first thing that you’ll find is that most pearls are separated into different categories. Here at National Pearl, we offer many versions of South Sea pearls, Japanese Akoya pearls, and a beautiful selection of freshwater pearls. When you look through our collections, it may be difficult to figure out what the difference is between a pearl necklace made from Akoya pearls and one made from freshwater pearls, so what...

Classics: A String of White Pearls

classic white pearls
A string of white pearls is the epitome of classic. Timeless, classy, traditional and conventional, the perfect pearl necklace is the string of white pearls. They work on your wedding day and they work for every day. They work with large sized pearls, as well as smaller sized pearls and they works in all necklace lengths, from choker to rope. So what else can be said of the classic string of white pearls that hasn't already been said? The classic white pearl necklace can be found with Akoya...