Celebrity Pearl Inspiration

Before pearls became the gem for everyone, they were seen on the affluent and famed celebrities. Many of these celebrities were celebrated due to their uncanny fashion sense and unusual takes on classic looks. And the trend continues. Celebrities of all styles are continuing the inclination to add pearls to all outfits. Looking upon the years of this trend can help you decide which way you would like to wear your glossy pearls.

Audrey Hepburn was the woman who started it all. Bringing back the look that was last seen in the twenties on flashy flappers, Audrey’s debut in “Breakfast at Tiffany’s” cemented the comeback of pearls in fashion history and in not so shy styles against her simple black dress.

audrey hepburn

The poised and stylish Jackie Kennedy incorporated pearls significantly into her wardrobe as First Lady. Wearing pearls became a staple synonymous with the name Jack Kennedy, as she wore them with casual and chic attire on a large number of occasions.

jackie kennedy

Princess Diana is not the most thought of when associating celebrities with pearls, but she was by far the most daring and the biggest fan of pearls. Wearing pearls in almost every style imaginable, Princess Diana’s go-to gem made her a fashion icon, pairing pearls with open dresses, casual wear and many time allowing her pearl jewelry to be the focal point of attention in her wardrobe.

princess di 5 princess di 4 princess di 2 princess di 1 pincess di 3

Coco Chanel ; Fashion symbol, designer mogul and style idol. Raised in orphanages Coco Chanel started her timeless empire from scratch and became a much admired fashion icon known for her simple yet sophisticated outfits paired with great accessories, such as several strands of pearls. Becoming glamorous in complete contrast with her dark childhood, Coco believed jewelry should be used to embellish all women and not just account for wealth and status, as it was when she was growing up. Chanel used artificial pearls in her designs and personal attire in large sizes and colors that were not seen previously that often. Coco Chanel brought pearls to the people.

coco chanel

Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth ll has a generous fondness of pearls, much like her mother, Queen Elizabeth I. When referencing her portraits, Horace Walpole says: “A pale Roman nose, a head of hair loaded with crowns and powdered with diamonds, a vast ruff, a vaster fardingale, and a bushel of pearls, are features by which everybody knows at once the pictures of Queen Elizabeth.” Queen Elizabeth’s love of pearls was so vast, she even wore them in her last moments on her death bed.

queen elizabeth

Elizabeth Taylor is legendary for her extensive jewel collection. Elizabeth Taylor favored unique and one of a kind pieces with rubies diamonds and pearls, like the necklace in this picture; the renowned La Peregrina Pearl. This Beauty belonged to Queen Victoria until it was purchased for $37,000 at an auction in 1969, by Elizabeth Taylor’s former husband Richard Burton, as a gift for his beloved.

elizabeth taylor

Pearls are no longer for iconic figures in the worlds of fashion and royalty. Celebrities these days have made pearls more wearable and modern, on the red carpet or on a day to day basis, appropriate for all kinds of attire. Check out these styles and start planning how to wear your favorite pearls.

marisa t Celebrities-wear-strands-of-pearls angelina sandra rihanna

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