Choose A Pearl Necklace For A June Birthday Gift

Everyone looks incredible in pearls. The beautiful luster and incredible styling of some pearl jewelry today has taken the age-old look to new heights. When shopping for a gift, pearls are always a good choice, but if the recipient is born in June then you have one more reason to choose pearl jewelry over anything else.

June's birthstone is a pearl.

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Pearls: The Birthstone Of June Babies

Today, most people don’t receive gifts related to their birthstone. When was the last time that you saw someone who was born in February decked out in Aquamarine? For the most part, people don’t wear their birthstone because it can be hard to tie it to an outfit.

Pearls are one major exception; most people wear pearls on a regular basis, regardless of what month they were born in. Having another reason to wear pearls is every girl’s dream, so why not remind her of her birthstone with a beautiful pearl bracelet. Not only will they look great but they can be worn with a number of different outfits, making it an easy decision.

Take It One Step Further

Sure, giving a gift pearls for a June birthday makes sense. In fact, someone might have thought of that gift before you. What they probably didn’t think of was pairing it with two other stones that are also associated with June: Alexandrite and moonstone.

The only problem is that finding pearl jewelry with either of these two stones can be difficult, if not impossible. A better and more creative option would be to integrate the best parts of both of these stones into the pearl jewelry itself.

Alexandrite is known for having an incredible ability to change from green during the day to red at night. Moonstone on the other hand is known for its blue sheen, something that can only be found on the highest quality cuts of this gem. Fortunately, you can find all three of these colors in pearls as well.

Take a more creative route for your friend or loved one with a June birthday; get them a beautiful set of pearls, but choose a pearl type that embodies one of the colors above. For a green-blue hue, Tahitian pearls are an excellent choice, while freshwater pearls will give you that deep pink that you are looking for in the perfect gift.

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