Clasps For Your Golden Pearl Necklace

Deciding what clasp to finish off your pearl necklace with may seem like a simple choice, but when you are searching around online the sheer number of options can be staggering. After you decide on the length of the necklace and the size and quality of the pearls, the clasp can almost seem like an afterthought, but that shouldn’t be the case. Just because you’re at the end of your search doesn’t mean that you should miss out on pairing your new necklace with an incredible clasp that really ties the entire look together.

National Pearl's yellow gold Finesse clasp.

Yellow Gold Finesse Clasp

A Simple Golden Clasp – Traditional, Yet Beautiful

If you were choosing a golden pearl necklace to wear strictly in a setting you want to make an understated impact, a great choice would be a simple gold clasp that looks great and doesn’t detract too much from the necklace itself. For this choice, you can either select a polished gold clasp that almost similar in size and shape to one of the pearls themselves, or for a slightly more textured look there are a number of more intricate gold clasps that will only be noticed by the most astute observer.

Diamond Clasps – For When You Want To Make A Statement

A beautiful diamond studded clasp can provide an excellent contrast to a golden pearl necklace of any length. This combination is best worn in a setting where you want to make a statement, but one that is only evident to someone who is paying close attention. While the design of the clasp may not be immediately obvious to the casual observer, it will definitely make an impression when noticed.

When choosing a golden pearl necklace, you will already be making an indelible impression upon everyone who sees it, which is why this type of pearl necklace is traditionally paired with a golden clasp. If you want to set yourself apart even further, pairing a beautiful string of golden South Sea pearls with a diamond clasp is a great choice. The diamond clasp immediately signifies a custom addition to an otherwise beautiful necklace.

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