Cultured Pearls vs. “Natural” Pearls

What makes a natural pearl necklace so rare?

The word “natural” just has a certain ring to it that makes me people take notice. When someone is exceptionally talented at something, we call them a natural; beauty products often sell themselves on giving a look of natural beauty; and we can’t help but stare at the world’s natural splendor. So when the word natural is attached to pearl necklace, you know it is going to make a combination that produces unrivaled beauty. In a world where pearls are prized for their beauty and rarity, natural pearls are the pinnacle of the industry. Cultured pearls are no accident. They are deliberately placed, cultivated, harvested, and crafted by human hands. Not natural pearls, though. Formed painstakingly over years and years by natural processes, a natural pearl is the perfect ornament to craft a beautiful necklace out of.

What is the difference between a natural pearl and a cultured/cultivated pearl?

Pearl cultivation is a process that goes back about century. Humans exploit natural processes within oysters to create “man-made” pearls. A piece of tissue called mantle tissue is inserted from a donor shell, which precipitates the creation of a pearl sac, the tiny beginnings of what will eventually be a pearl. They are then placed in the water, and monitored over the years before the pearl is ready to be harvested.

In stark contrast to this process, a natural pearl is formed without the interference by human hands. A pearl forms as an oyster’s defense mechanism against potential threats. When a foreign object such as a parasite enters into an oyster, the organism goes into defense mode, and creates what is called pearl sac in order to isolate the threat. Over time, the animal deposits layers of calcium to further protect itself. The result of this is a naturally formed pearl that is literally one of a kind.

Why are natural pearl necklaces so rare?

Unlike cultivated pearls that are seeded, cultivated, and harvested by human hands, natural pearls are more or less random acts of nature, and therefore far more difficult to find. Beyond that, since natural pearls are so rare, they are often so prized for their beauty that they find their way into all different kinds of jewelry. Even into the crowns of royalty! That means that there are relatively few natural pearls left to put into a necklace. People often want a piece of jewelry that is specifically designed for them and fits a certain shape or shine. A natural pearl necklace, however, is not something that can be designed so finding a pre-determined design is extremely difficult. But this is exactly why they are so beautiful. Imagine walking around knowing that you are the only one on Earth who gets to wear these gorgeous gems! What’s more is if you know, then other people will certainly notice. A natural pearl necklace will give you a sense of uniqueness that cannot be obtained by any other piece of jewelry.

In modern times, we often have no choice but to buy mass-produced, cookie-cutter products that are low quality and a dime a dozen. It’s a good thing that your pearls don’t have to be that way. If you are looking for a piece of jewelry that is rare, unique, and stunning, then you have little other choice than to gravitate towards a cultured pearl jewelry piece, which attains the outer natural beauty of a pearl without such gems being reserved simply for royalty.

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