Finding the Right Pearls

Whether you are new to the world or pearls or you already have a large collection, finding the right pearls for your next look can be a tough challenge. If you visit the local jeweler, you will probably see a large collection of pearls that are from names you recognize. Should you try them on? Absolutely, but you may also want to hesitate before making a purchase.

It’s not about the name

Pearls are an interesting type of jewelry in that finding the right choice isn’t about finding the set of pearls made by a name that you recognize. While there are names that help differentiate where pearls come from, names like Akoya, the company that made the pearl jewelry isn’t one that you should take into account when considering a pearl purchase.

Girl with the Pearl Earrings

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Look for style and substance

So if you don’t want to go off the name of the manufacturer, what are you to do? First, you want to find a design that you love. For a simple pearl necklace, that could be a clasp that you can’t live without, but for pearl rings, pendants, and even bracelets you may want to focus on the design of the precious metals and jewels surrounding the pearl.

After you’ve found a style of design that you love, you’ll want to choose the quality of the pearl that you want. A higher quality pearl has a number of very important distinguishing features that you will want to see.

A high quality pearl will have a great shape, perfectly round unless you are looking for a baroque or tin cup pearl. The luster will be extremely impressive, and it will maintain that shine as you roll the pearl around in your fingers.

An extremely high quality pearl will also be blemish free, with consistently thick nacre that will not show even a small amount of damage. The higher quality you choose, the better quality of pearl in the jewelry, and the higher price that you will pay.

When choosing your pearl jewelry, the name brand doesn’t matter nearly as much as the style of the jewelry itself, but more importantly the quality of the pearls being used. Make sure to purchase high quality pearls, and you will have a piece of jewelry that will last a lifetime, and it will be something that you can hand down to your children.

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