Golden Pearl Necklace

Gold is a color long associated with wealth and power. Entire nations, and at one point our whole worldwide system of currencies, have been based off of this powerful symbol of success. So it is no wonder that when shopping for pearls, so many people opt for a golden pearl necklace. As we have stated before, the necklace is front and center on your body. This placement deserves a work of art, not a fake. Necklaces made of golden pearls come with an opulence that is unrivaled by any other piece of gold jewelry. These products of Southeast Asia are in high demand, and short supply, so getting your hands on one as soon as possible is of utmost importance.

How are they golden?

These decadent gems are a product of the Golden-Lipped variety of the Pinctada Maxima oyster. These are a special breed because they are the only oyster used in the production of the South Sea pearl variety. This means that you can be certain that what you adorn your body with is certain to be 100% real. The golden is so stunning that it might be difficult to believe that they are made naturally, but have no doubts that the pearls around your neck on a golden pearl necklace are genuine cultured pearls. The golden color is produced by the natural nacre of the oyster, and occurs within the organism the same way it has for millions of years. The lives of these beauties begin deep in the warm waters of the Pacific, where they are cultivated to perfection, and harvested by farmers who carry on the tradition of pearl farming that dates back over a century.

So why a golden pearl necklace?

Because of their prized beauty, pearls are worn by people all across the world as a symbol of beauty, prestige, and class; however, a golden pearl is of the rarest kind. Unlike it’s cream-colored cousin, the golden pearl is produced by less than 1% of all Pinctada Maximas! Pearl aficionados recognize the rarity of golden pearls, and have given them the title of the rarest pearl in existence. What does this mean for your golden pearl necklace? This means that by purchasing a golden pearl necklace, you’re not only wearing a symbol of status, wealth, power, class, and style, it also means that you are wearing one of the rarest gems on the planet, a further symbol of your own unique personality and style. Every single human being is their own, one-of-a-kind person, and most of us strive to act, talk, and look unique. Why not do all of things in one resounding show of style by wearing a brilliant, classy necklace made of golden pearls? You can be sure to turn heads for all the right reasons.

A golden pearl necklace is, and has been for a long time, a symbol of the utmost class, power, and style. The rarity of the gems that these necklaces are decorated with show they are painstakingly cultivated, harvested, and crafted before even making it onto your body, proving that you are worthy of the finest that the jewelry world has to offer. Show your uniqueness and know-how by owning one. All types of jewelry can show your sense of style, wealth, power, intelligence, and status, but few can do all of these things in just one necklace. A golden pearl necklace, however, does just that.

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