Married to Golden South Sea Pearls

What type of jewelry to wear to a wedding is a question that will be asked for ages. How much is too much? Should you wear jewelry at all? The question can be answered many different ways, but the general consensus is that the jewelry should compliment, but not overshadow the rest of the outfit, but it should definitely help to set the stage for the bride. If you are searching for the perfect jewelry for your wedding day, a set of golden South Sea pearls may be just what you are looking for.

Golden South Sea Pearl Necklace

Understated elegance

One of the biggest benefits of a more exotic pearl is that it will be immediately noticed. Someone who is paying attention very quickly notices even off-white pearls or mixed colors. During a wedding, this can hurt your outfit just as much as it can help, as more bold choices like Tahitian pearls may be too much for the wedding ceremony itself (they can be great for the reception). You want something that will compliment your dress, but won’t steal the show.

Golden South Sea pearls are a great choice for this reason. Unlike Tahitian pearls, a golden color won’t take away from your dress too much, but they will definitely be noticed. For a more traditional look, you will want to look for a smaller diameter pearl necklace, especially if the wedding day is a more formal occasion. Once you reach the reception, you can add a bracelet or a set of earrings to round out the look or choose a bolder option like a mixed Tahitian pearl necklace.

Ultimately your wedding day is up to you, but if you are still pondering over your jewelry choice, a pearl necklace is a great option that won’t let you down. They also make a great pre-wedding gift.

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