Hanadama Akoya Pearls

Hanadama Akoya Pearls: Genuine, Certified Quality:

After the painstaking process of cultivating pearls, it now finally becomes the time to harvest them. During the harvest, pearls are separated into lots depending on their luster, quality, beauty, and surface. All of the finest pearls are gathered together into one group, and these are called Hanadama Akoya pearls. These are the highest quality of the entire harvest. Hanadama Akoyas are the most prized across the world due to their flawless nature and gorgeous luster. Rare, and little known outside of their native country of Japan, these beauties can be sometimes difficult to find in retail shops, so you know someone wearing Hanadamas is someone who knows a little bit about class and style. But how can you be sure that the Hanadamas you are wearing are real, high-quality pearls? It’s because the industry employs only the strictest quality measures and world-renowned methods of testing before they certify anything as Hanadama.

Hanadama Testing

In the world of marketing it is common for companies to just slap the name “beautiful” or “perfect” onto a product just to make a sale, but in the world of pearls, where the product is already one of the rarest most beautiful creations in existence, one must take things a step further in order to certify excellence. Our Hanadama Akoya pearls are immediately evaluated in Japan where they are put through rigorous laboratory tests before they are even considered to be labeled as Hanadama quality. The Pearl Science Lab in Japan is the world’s highest, most respected authority when it comes to certifying Akoya pearls, and you can be certain that each and every one of our strands is put through a gauntlet of testing by them before we even dare to bring them to the market.

What is Tested?

In short, everything. In order for a pearl to receive a Hanadama certification, several different qualities must be evaluated. The Pearl Science Lab evaluates the shape of the gem, determining how round it is. Next, they evaluate the luster, grading the pearl on how much shine the surface gives off. On top of these, the surface quality is checked for unacceptable imperfections like cracks and wholes. Last but not least, the pearl strand is evaluated for how well they match. We know that perfection as an ideal doesn’t really exist, but only when they come as close as humanly possible to perfect can a strand of pearls be labeled as Hanadama in quality.

Hanadama Akoya Pearls are the archetype of perfection in the pearl industry. From the moment they are harvested, pearl farmers can spot which ones have what it takes to pass through the certification process. These gems are among the rarest, and most beautiful of all jewelry on Earth. Thankfully, due to the detailed certification process in Japan, you can rest assured the Hanadamas that you have spent your hard-earned money on have only the highest-quality shape, luster, and surface quality. When purchasing a set of pearls you should never settle for anything less than the best, so don’t purchase an imposter, get a real set of certified Hanadama Akoya Pearls.

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