How Do You Care For Your Pearls?


Photo via Pearl Gallery UK

Wearing pearls, or any jewelry for that matter, is very easy to do, but when you forget to take care of that jewelry you can dramatically reduce the lifespan of it. For harder jewels like diamonds, this care is usually only required on the setting that the diamond is placed in. For pearls, this is not the case.

Ultrasonic Cleaning – Not For Your Pearls

You may not realize it, but the ultrasonic cleaners that you see so often advertised on television or on display at your jeweler is not the best choice for pearls. This is because the ultrasonic cleaning can remove the coating on pearls, making them lose their luster or crack entirely. This is due to the porous nature of so-called ‘soft stones’ like amber, pearl, and opal.

What To Do With Your Pearls

Whether you are looking to keep a pearl necklace clean or a piece of jewelry that contains pearls alongside hard or soft gemstones, there is an answer that doesn’t run the risk of hurting your jewelry.

The best solution is to utilize cleaning cloths that are specifically designed for the task of cleaning pearls and soft gemstones. The most important differentiating factor between these types of cleaning cloths and other methods of cleaning is that it is far gentler, using only as much pressure as you apply. The ideal cleaning cloth is made from microfibers, so there is far less chance of removing the luster on your pearls when you go to clean them.

While pearl care and cleaning is an obvious choice to keep your pearls looking great, the choice of cleaning method is actually less obvious than you might think. Stick to pearl cleaning and care cloths that have been specifically designed for pearls. They are made to a high quality standard and often imbued with special cleaning products designed to actually restore the luster of your pearls, rather than removing it.

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