How Do You Prefer To Wear Pearl Rings?

For some, pearls may be something that are only worn in the most traditional circumstances. Even if you’ve relegated your pearl collection to formal occasions like weddings and family gatherings, it doesn’t mean that you can’t use strategically placed pearls to make an impact in other areas of your life.

For many, wearing a pearl ring is one way to do just that.

A pearl ring is the perfect example of something that begs for attention. Whether you choose a simple band to accompany your pearl, or you go with an ornate setting and an unconventionally colored pearl, you will guarantee that your pearl ring will be one of the first things that is noticed when you walk in the room. Once you’ve made the choice to wear a pearl on your finger, the next question that you should ask yourself is “how do I choose the right style?”

Akoya Pearl & Diamond Cheryl Ring

Akoya Pearl & Diamond Cheryl Ring

Ornate Settings When You Want To Make An Impact

If you are looking for a pearl ring that will immediately be noticed, whether you are on the street or at the newest club, then you will want to go all-out on your pearl ring selection. The first thing you want to choose is a great looking pearl. In this case, bigger and more brightly colored is always better. While a white pearl may look good, choosing Akoya pearls or one of the many other rare colors of pearl will make a much better impression.

For the setting, there are only two words that you need to memorize: complex and ornate. Having an ornate setting will tend to draw the eye away from the pearl in the middle, but when you pair it with an impressive, colorful pearl it will be a show-stopping combination.

For Formal Settings, A Simple Ring Will Help You Stand Out In The Right Way

While you might want a flashy ring for a truly ‘see and be seen’ occasion, there are other times where you want something that draws a small amount of attention, but just as quickly fades into the background when you want it to.

In this case, your best option is a simple pearl ring with a traditional white pearl. While the pearl will still be noticed, especially if you choose a larger size, it will not distract as much from the rest of your outfit.

Remember, just because a pearl ring is simple doesn’t mean that it’s lackluster. Simplicity can be beautiful, but it all depends on the setting that you find yourself in.

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