How to Find the Perfect Pearl Size

While it may not be considered a big deal, picking the right pearl size could make or break an outfit. If you pick an unflattering style, it could either make an outfit seem too extravagant or just straight up boring. Neither of the options are desirable and there are several things to keep in mind when picking the perfect pearl size for you.

If you are considering small pearls, 5.5 to 6mm are the size that you are looking for. They are small, but not too tiny. They will make a statement but not be too obnoxious. Typically, these pearls are great for young girls and petite women. Pearls sized between 7 to 7.5mm are considered medium sized. These pearls are most popular between women in their 30’s and 40’s who want to make a statement but not be too overbearing with their jewelry. Brides normally wear pearls of this size because of the simple fashion statement that they make.

Lastly, pearls sized between 7.5 to 10mm are considered large pearls. The most popular size are 7.5 to 8mm because they aren’t too small, but also not massive. Pearls above 9.9mm are incredibly rare, as well as expensive. They are both difficult to find and match within a pearl necklace or bracelet because of their rarity. Whichever size you decide to purchase, make sure it is one that you are comfortable with. Try a variety of pearls on before you purchase so  you are sure the sizes are too big or too small for your style. When you find the perfect pearl size, embrace it!

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