Jewelry to Match any Outfit:

When most women get dressed, they have specific jewelry and accessories they wear with certain outfits. A spiky cuff when going to a rock concert, a tennis bracelet when going to a gala event and the perfect hoop earrings for a night on the town. Then there are the outfits that are smart casual; enough to go either way, like with a leather bracelet or a cocktail ring. But what if it’s just the right balance for both? Rarely if ever, can you wear a casual, edgy leather strap bracelet with a sparking, sapphire cocktail ring.
This is where pearls come in. They are an essential that must be included in anyone and everyone’s jewelry collection.

Pearls used to be associated with flappers, dancing and costumes like this: (Image 1 below)

Or with our grandmothers at church or the Queen and First Ladies of the White House. (Image 2 below)

Not only can pearls be worn at any age but pearls are so versatile they can be worn with everything and anything. Wear them with a wedding dress, a cocktail dress or dress up a casual jean jacket or a plaid shirt- they always look good. (Image 3 below)

 Not only that but they also can be worn with other gems and accessories, without clashing or detracting from each other.  (Image 4 below)

The twentieth century has allowed pearls to integrate into our wardrobes with such diversity. They are classy yet modern, vintage yet able to be worn casually. The perfect gems that can be worn whenever, wherever and with whatever you desire. Go update your jewelry collection now by adding the perfect strand of pearls to your wardrobe.

National Pearl: 20s style flappers wore costume jewelry and multiple strands of pearls to add to their flamboyancy.National Pearl: Eleanor Roosevelt and Queen Elizabeth 1939National Pearl: pearls and gold an now be confidently worn togetherNational Pearl: casual pearls for everyday outfits. Anytime, anywhere.

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