Michelle Obama

Another Legend, Another Pearl Lover.

First Lady Michelle Obama quickly became a style icon, following her predecessors, with her impeccable fashion sense and her can-do-it-all attitude.  Michelle Obama’s fashion forwardness has gained her thousands of fashionista followers, with Vogue 2010 naming her Number 3 on their “Best Dressed List.”

Amongst many other fashion tips, Michelle Obama or our “American Royalty” has become known for her signature style of rocking pearls, setting multiple trends, showing all kinds of ways to wear pearls.

Whilst pearls have been worn by royalty for centuries, Michelle Obama is credited for bringing them back in a very real way.

Michelle has made pearls a fashion statement, wearing them demurely,  as the center piece to her more subtle, conservative outfits, or with her ball gowns at parties and inaugurations, always featuring necklaces, rings or bracelets.

From large sized pearls to smaller dimensions, Michelle Obama knows how to wear pearls right no matter how many strands or what length.

Whether greeting supporters, giving inspirational speeches, standing by her husband or attending balls and parties, the elegant First lady embodies class by pairing all her different kinds of attire with  original and sometimes bold, classic pearl jewelry.

Here is a just a glimpse of Michelle Obama’s love of all things pearl. Which First Lady look are you most into?

Michelle Obama In Pearls 2009

Michelle Obama in Pearls at the Jon Stewart Show

Michelle Obama in Pearls on President Obama's campaign

Michelle Obama wearing Pearls in one of her many interviews

First Lady wearing Pearls at the Presidential Debate 2008

Michelle Obama, our glamorous First lady on numerous other occasions and at events, showing women all over the world how to emulate pure beauty and class, with pearls for everyone in all lengths and colors.

Michelle Obama wearing her beloved double strand pearls

Michelle Obama wearing ropes of black pearls

Michelle Obama with her signature pearls. Less is not more  in this case. Michelle Obama wearing a strand of large white pearls and matching pearl earrings Michelle Obama switches her regular white pearls for strands of black and gold. Michelle Obama wearing pearls in different hues of blue. Fashionable and original. Mrs. Obama rocking pearl necklaces and bracelets with all styles imaginable

The First Lady greeting fans with her fashion trademark; pearl necklace.

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