Mixing Pearl Styles For A Unique Look

Choosing a matching set of pearls is a great look that you will likely wear most of the time, but every now and then you want to mix up your look a bit. Wearing slightly different styles of pearls is a great way to do so, but there are a few key criteria for pulling off this particular look.


Photo via Off Broadway Boutique

Go For Balance

Whenever you are wearing mixed styles of pearls, you will always want to go for balance to your look. While this can mean many different things depending on the look that you are trying to achieve, the general idea is to make sure that you don’t overindulge in your pearl selection. If you were planning on wearing a pearl necklace that was big and bold, you might want to balance that look with one or more smaller pearl bracelets on your wrist. Similarly, you could choose to wear a large pearl bracelet on one wrist, with several smaller pearl bracelets on the opposite side.

Layering Different Styles

If you are more interested in just wearing a pearl necklace, you can choose to layer multiple styles on top of each other. While you may have seen longer pearl necklaces wrapped multiple times to create a layered look, mixing two styles of pearl is a completely different idea. The best look will often be a combination of a pendant-type pearl necklace with a similarly colored traditional pearl necklace.

There are many great looks that you can achieve just by utilizing multiple styles of pearl necklace. While you might not be able to wear them all with your current collection, that’s just a great excuse to go pick up another beautiful piece! When you are mixing styles, there are a few rules that you do have to live by, one of the most common being the rule against wearing multiple colors of metal. Ideally, you will want to stick to all gold or all silver colors, even if you are mixing different styles to create the look.

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