3 Ways To Wear A Pearl Necklace Choker

Photo via Bangor Daily News There are very few pearl necklaces that are more often discussed than the pearl choker. For some, the choker seems to be a little too small or tight, too informal. For others, that same necklace, since it is made from pearls, is still just as old-fashioned as a traditional matinee length look. Regardless of where you fall in your opinion of the pearl choker, here are a few new ways that you can wear it for maximum effect. Layered The...

Who Wears Pearls?

Photo via Queen Jewel Vault Pearls of been a fashion statement for longer than recorded history. The fact that they still are is a testimony to their high status on many different levels. In modern culture, pearls are still extremely popular. Perhaps the two most famous wearers of pearls are Marge and Lisa Simpson. It’s not really hard to see where Marge and Lisa got their fashion sense. Other famous wearers of pearls include:
  • Queens Elizabeth I and II
  • Elizabeth...

Need To Find Gifts For Multiple People?

Photo via Thoughtful Women Buying gifts for multiple people is something that you have to do a few times a year. Most major holidays are great examples of times where you have to shop for a larger group of people, and you’re likely stressed out about it. There is no way to get around it, shopping takes time. Any chance that you can get to reduce that amount of time will have an immeasurable impact on your stress levels. How can you get a great...

Why Akoya Pearls Are More Valuable

A strand of Akoya Pearls
For someone who is just beginning to get into pearls, or maybe buying a pearl necklace for a friend or loved one, just understanding what separates some pearls from others is extremely important. It may seem obvious that larger, more perfectly rounded pearls are more expensive, but what about some of the brands out there. Today, we are going to look at one of the premier pearl types out there: Akoya pearls. When it comes to Akoya pearls, you aren’t paying for a brand name. There is...