Pair Pearls And Sapphire To Light Up A Colorful Outfit

Sapphire and pearl make a beautiful combination when it comes to drop earrings. The brilliant marriage and resulting shine of the brilliant sapphire blue and pearly soft off-white in the earrings make them ideal for a number of special occasions.

If your wedding colors include blush or pink tones, sapphire pearl drop pearl earrings can provide the perfect finishing touch to your attire. You can also choose from lavender, peach and freshwater pearls to complete your look according to the colors you like most. These pastel shades are soft and demure, and can help you finish off what can surely be an elegant and whimsical look when you exchange your vows. Even if the wedding is not yours, your earrings will stand out among the rest and complement the dress you wear.

Sapphire pearl earrings are also perfect for a formal occasion like prom, and make a wonderful gift for a girl who is attending her prom for the first time. The earrings look great with pastel dresses, as well as dresses in shades of platinum or silver. Of course, pearls also liven up a prom look that is mostly classic black as well and can provide that lovely dash of color, complimented perhaps with a small clutch and a hint of bright eye makeup. The sapphire and pearl combination is suitable for any age, bringing a sophistication to an outfit that cannot be rivaled by most other kinds of gems.

Semi-casual attire pairs well with the beautiful sapphire pearl earrings as well. The earrings are perfect for livening up an outfit like a cashmere sweater and jeans, as it combines elegance with easy-going style. Consider also wearing rings and bracelets with colors that either match or contrast the bright blue of the sapphire to make an outfit pop with minimal effort and clutter. Remember too that pearls can always accompany other pearls – perhaps match a multicolored pearl bracelet with the earrings.

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