Pairing Rubies and Pearls for the Perfect July Look

To begin with, pearls and rubies make for a stunning combination. The fire of red meets the calm of white and the resulting effect amounts to a fashion statement anytime, anywhere. There’s something called the ‘pearl etiquette’ in the sparkling world of jewelry; in this article are some tips on how it’s done best.

Marrying the Ruby and Pearl

Coco Chanel once said, “A lady should be two things, classy and fabulous.” Pearls and rubies paired together pay homage to this timeless quote. Be they pearl earrings, neck pieces, bracelets or rings, a dash of red serves to enhance the overall look. A ruby has always been valued for its color and richness as a gem while pearls reflect delicacy and grace. Together, they are the perfect celebration of a powerful personality. Such eternal jewelry is irresistible to even the most conservative connoisseurs of fashion. So, ladies, flaunt your personal styles of red and white with confidence; you cannot help but be noticed.

Wearing Pearls and Rubies: the When and Where

It’s important to understand that different kinds of jewelry complement different occasions and ensembles. Therefore, you cannot necessarily wear one type of jewelry anywhere and everywhere. Since pearls symbolize purity and rubies depict magnificence, they are ideal for special occasions and formal gatherings. It’s no wonder that some brides prefer to wear their grandmother’s pearls and rubies for their weddings.

The Month of July and Pearls

Rubies are the birthstone of July, so it is the perfect month to air your precious pearl and ruby earrings, especially if you happen to have some large pieces. The delicious warmth around you gives you the flexibility of leaving your neck bare. The weather is just perfect to nourish the translucent glow of the pearl, and at any formal event of the summer, the rubies will pop and dazzle. Reserving your pearl and ruby treasures for special times can only increase their timelessness.

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