Passion for Pearls

Adding Some Spice to Your Pearl Jewelry

Now that pearls have become a staple in everyone’s jewelry repertoire, people are look for different ways to spice up their pearl pieces. Nothing beats the classic strand of pearls and pearls can be used in your home and in a lot of other cool ways, but sometimes something a little different is in order. Here are a couple ways to wear pearls in a whole new way. With a new take on pearl jewelry, it’s like a whole other trend to get excited about WITHOUT giving up these exquisite gems.

Layer your pearls, just like Michelle Obama or Rihanna and other celebrities. Chunky jewelry and large costume pieces are all the rage right now. Combine this style with your pearls by layering. It can be all of the same kind or different kinds of pearls and hues that complement each other, either way your chunky layered pearl necklaces will definitely draw attention of all by passers; pearl lovers and haters alike.

Michelle Obama layers pearl necklaces beautifully

Rihanna in strands and st

Mix your pearls with a little bling. By adding an interesting brooch or a colorful pendant to one strand or multiple strands gives your pearls a little twist and really makes them a statement piece with a bit of weight. Remember pearls are delicate so don’t pair them with anything sharp that can scratch, dent or potentially ruin your pearls.

Brooch attached to four strand pearl necklace

If you’re looking for something different, consider switching up the shape of your pearls. Baroque pearls are funky and cool and can be found in all colors like perfectly round pearls. A way to go even more feminine and unusual is with keshi pearls. Keshi pearls have no nucleus and are made up wholly of nacre, making them known as second harvest pearls. They are smaller, unusually shaped and have a look of whimsy.

white keshi pearl bracelet

Enjoy playing around with these different trends and ideas. Remember, just because pearls are a classic doesn’t mean you cant add a little modern spice.

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