Peach Pearls – Perfect For Summer Weddings

The color peach brings up so many memories, all of them warm. From the fruit that shares its name to it being one of the primary colors in most of the Caribbean, peach is a color that screams summer. There are many ways that you can use the color peach in your summer wedding, but if you are looking for more ideas then read on.

A peach colored pearl necklace from National Pearl

Giving Pearl Earrings As Bridesmaid Gifts

Your bridesmaids are the people who have stuck by your side throughout the wedding planning process, and they deserve something for making it all the way to the alter!

A gift of pearl colored pearl earrings are an excellent choice; they will show your bridesmaids that you appreciated their help and will go perfectly with the décor and dresses that you’ve picked out for them.

For The Reception – A Peach Colored Pearl Necklace

If your wedding has any peach or coral color to it, what could be better than adding to your color scheme with a beautiful pearl necklace? For this occasion, it’s better to choose a slightly shorter length, while making sure that you aren’t wearing a choker.

Peach colored pearl necklaces look great against a white wedding dress, and can serve as an elegant reminder of your special day.

For The Honeymoon – Mix And Match

If you are planning on spending your honeymoon in the sun, then why not go all out? A peach colored pearl necklace, combined with a pearl bracelet and earrings will be just what you are looking for on your special trip.

When pairing each of your pearl accessories, it’s best to choose one or two for each occasion, but having all three with you will give you limitless possibilities to mix and match.

One of the best things about peach colored pearls is that they are perfect by themselves. There is no need to dress them up with extra gems, diamonds, or other accessories. When it comes to peach and your wedding, there is no need to go overboard.

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