Pearl Necklaces: Classic Style 101

Pearl Necklaces have a long history of adding that classic touch to an outfit. For decades, women have added this fine jewelry to their wardrobe to portray decadence, beauty, purity, and grace. They are simple, as well as easy to wear. Celebrities are constantly seen wearing pearls on the red carpet, at gala’s and award shows. They are a time old tradition, and are always in style.


When people hear the term “pearl necklace”, they typically think of the white pearls that are often found across the necks of women worldwide. A simple white necklace can go with any outfit, however, the type of pearl can really affect the entire look of the person who is wearing the pearls.



For example, Akoya Pearls are a very popular option these days based on their extreme luster and quality. They are also the type that contain the ‘classic’ look. Although they may to look the same as freshwater pearls at first glance, do not be mistaken. They do differ in appearance when one closely examines the piece in question. The Japanese Akoya tends to be smoother and rounder – as well as more valuable. When choosing a pearl necklace, you can never go wrong with this astounding option to bring your out fit the exact look it has been waiting for.

Japanese Akoya pearls also come in an array of brilliant colors. Oftentimes, women do not consider wearing black pearls with their outfits. However, Akoya pearls look beautiful in any color and add a subtle dramatic flare to an outfit needing a revamp. Black or white pearl necklaces will add that simple, classic touch to any outfit. So, the next time you are trying to decide on the perfect necklace for a night out, consider going for the classic look with a strand of pearls. For an even bolder look, try multiple strands to really bring out the couture look so many chase.


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