Pearl Pendants Instead Of A Strand

Tahitian Diamond Pearl Pendany

Tahitian South Sea Pearl Dangling Diamond Pendant

Do you love pearls but are tired of the wearing a ‘classic’ style pearl necklace? If so, then a pearl pendant would be the perfect choice for your growing collection. Pearl pendants can run the gamut from simple, traditional styles to flashy casual affairs, but they are all memorable.

What is the big difference between a pendant and a strand of pearls? While a strand of pearls is generally differentiated by the color, size, and luster of the pearls themselves, a pendant necklace uses the pearl as a centerpiece on the jewelry, relying more on the interplay between the pearl and the surrounding gems and metalwork to really create that beautiful, elegant look.

When should you wear a pearl pendant instead of a pearl necklace?

When Your Look Transitions From Simple To Complicated

The pearl necklace is a great companion to a simple outfit like jeans and a dark tank top. Here, a long strand of pearls that you’ve double-wrapped around your neck will add the right amount of complexity to what would otherwise be a simple look.

On the opposite side of the spectrum, you probably have a few outfits that are a little more complicated, like the combination of floral pants and loud sneakers. In this case, you would want to wear a pearl pendant that can ground your look with a simple but elegant centerpiece. You might think that wearing a pearl necklace, especially a double or triple wrapped choker may seem like the right choice, but it can often just take away from the rest of the outfit.

While using a pearl necklace or pendant to either increase or decrease the complexity of your outfit may seem like the right choice in every situation, there are always exceptions. Traditionally, pearl pendants are a relatively simple affair, often worn hanging from a simple chain with little to no extra metalwork. That being said, if your pearl pendant of choice is complex, with a number of different gemstones and an intricate setting, then it will likely look better on a simpler outfit like the jean and tank selection described above. Either way, the choice is yours, but remember that the right pearl in the right setting will always look great.

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