Pearls and Kids

Buying pearls for yourself is one thing; you know what you like, and you can pick the pearls that perfectly match your style and personality. The question is, what do you do if you catch your daughter eyeing your pearls or even wearing them when you aren’t looking? Playing dress-up is one thing, but if she really gets attached then it might be time for some pearls of her own.

Pearl sizing is key

A large set of pearls may make a statement on an adult, but they aren’t a great choice for a child who may have years before they finally grow into them. Large pearls will overcrowd their wrist, neck, or hand, making them uncomfortable to wear and possibly turning your daughter away from wearing pearls at all. Instead, look to get them a smaller diameter pearl to start.


Photo via Beautiful Baby

Be creative with their gift

You may not want to get pearls right away, especially if you are worried that your child won’t grow into them well. This is a common concern among parents, and one that you should not be worried about. When you employ a bit of creativity, you can easily get around this obstacle with a simple tweak to your pearl-buying strategy.

The easiest gift is a pearl necklace. A choker necklace is a great option for a child, as the single set of pearls will look great on a slightly older child. If you are buying for a younger girl (under the age of 5), you may want to look into purchasing a slightly longer than normal pearl necklace and wearing it as a layered look. This way, she will be able to wear it with a double wrap now, but can adjust the layer and ultimately wear it as a single wrapped strand when she grows into it. A 20-22” necklace is perfect for this.

Buying pearls for children is a great idea, especially if you find your daughter or her friends stealing yours all the time. Take care when you make the selection, and it will be something that she will treasure for years to come.

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