Pearls and Your Home

How to Deck out your Home with Pearls

Pearls are everywhere.  We’ve seen them at weddings, as accessories other than conventional jewelry and as remarkable gems for both men and women alike. What about in the home? How can you integrate pearls into your life and home without actually wearing them?

For starters the options are unlimited. It is not even realized how many places in your home can have a touch of class and sophistication added.

Living Room:

Sofas and couches can have pearls trimmings very easily, making them pretty as well as practical. If pearls on a chair are too much for your taste or you have children with itchy little hands looking to break things then dress up a basic couch with pearl cushions that go with almost any color and style.  You can choose the amount of pearls on the cushions that accent the living room to your satisfaction. It’s also an easy do it yourself project if you’re looking to save money and have some fun on a project.


Pearls and craved flowers take  living room chairs and recliners to another levelPearls sown on to cushions and pillows and a touch of charm to any sitting area

Dining Room:

It’s the place where you throw the dinner parties and have friends over for cocktails. The room in the home where you do the most entertaining and can play with pearls for any kind of occasion.

Dining room chairs are the largest furniture in the dining room after the table.  Once again this kind of furniture can be bought or be done at home with faux pearls for a cheaper option.

Pearl rimmed chairs add grandeur to any dining room.

Next the dining room table. The center piece you choose for the table can differ from time to time but still include pearls. There are candelabras, flowers and many more. Here are some exciting ideas for pearl centerpieces.

Luxury has never been easier with this gorgeous pearl centerpiece

This is an easy way to go all out with glamour! Place a smaller vase with flowers in it, inside a larger vase or bowl. Fill the space with pearls of any shape or color to match the party or dinner theme. Cheap, reusable and the ultimate center piece to tie the room together.

This pearl centerpiece works well with all type of flowers and tables

Pearls can be used as table number holders for dinner parties.

There are also vases with pearls on the outside to put your flowers in:

Pearls on a vase turn any old vase into a posh centerpiece


Candles really make the atmosphere and are great centerpieces. Whether outside on a cozy night or on your dining room with the lights turned low, there is no better combination to set a certain mood than candlelight and pearls. Especially with so many choices;

surround a candle base with loose pearls or strands. Tasteful and easy!

Dangling pearl candelabras are the perfect addition to any table or dresser!


All these can also be used in an entrance hall or to class up a kitchen. Below we will list pearl accents that work in almost every room.

Napkins rings definitely belong in the dining room and are probably the easiest to work into your table.

Pearl napkin rings go with all color themes and all dining set and they come in so many different styles!

The Kitchen:

It isn’t easy to feature pearls in the kitchen. Its where the mess is, where the rush takes places where things can break and get dirty really easy. So how do you bring the prettiness in without compromising these luminous pearls?

The easiest way is with serving dishes and flat ware. Elegant serve ware can be used for basically every meal except for an outdoor BBQ and even then sometimes it’s passable.

Find pearl rimmed bowls and serve ware with pearl filled handles to add class to your kitchen collection


Find pearl treasure for you kitchen like this pearl belted jug



Then there is the actual food and most people’s favorite. While edible pearls are mainly seen at weddings on cakes like these;

Deck out any cake for any occasion with edible pearls. So pretty!

People are starting to use them on cupcake and cookies for parties and less formal events.

Look no further for delicious treats. Easy to make and elegant! Pearls on food are all the rage

These pearl cupcakes are perfect for showers, parties or just a regular weeknight when you want to feel decadent!

Caviar also looks like pearls if you are looking for non dessert items, as does pearl mozzarella.

Start cooking up a storm of pearl inspired foods for your next dinner party

Kitchen cabinets can look great with Pearl Door knobs. These can also be used for any interior doors or for the bathroom cabinets.

Pearl inspired door knobs are appropriate for kitchens, bedroom, bathrooms and living rooms.

Which brings us to:

The Bathroom:

Pearls are a fantastic addition to a bathroom. The light and  clear tones and tiles compliment pearl fantastically. Be sides the cabinets there is so much you can do, from towel racks, to sinks and bathroom accessories. There are even pearl shower curtain rings available!! It is endless.


Any restroom can use the beautiful mother of pearl bathroom setsAdd elegance to your bathroom and make it fit for a king with this mother of pearl sinkClass up your shower and feel like a princess with these lovely pearl shower rings

For the Bedroom and any other Room:

This Section is applicable to the bedroom but  not limited to it. The following ideas can also be functional in the bathrooms, living room, dining room, kitchen and even the entry way.

There are curtain hold backs for long drapes in any room and well as tassels for rope holdbacks.

These holdbacks and pearl tassels are perfect for any type of curtains or drapes

While too big for a dining room table, these pearl stems will looks good in a floor vase in any room or hallway.


Forget flowers! These stemmed pearls are magnificent


Mirrors work in bath rooms, bedrooms, hallways, entryways and living rooms, both hand size and large. Large ones are particularly majestic.  As do photo frames, the perfect addition to photos of loved ones.


Pearl frames add a touch of elegance to any photo frame This pearl enhanced mirror will look great ina  hallway, entry way or bedroom. This  beautifully crafted mirror is easy to make and will look great on a vanity or a wall.


And finally we have the piece that can make or break a room. Chandeliers. Truly grand, chandeliers are magnificent, but too much detail, color or the wrong style can turn something striking to strike out!

 Pearl chandeliers come in all styles and colors! These pearl chandeliers are non conventional and funky

Enjoy pearling up your home. Pearls really put the fun and glamour into redecorating. Good luck!


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