Pearls and Your Wedding

How to Incorporate the Most Special Gems into Your Most Special Day

It’s been established that pearls are suitable for everyday and every occasion. Pearls can be found to match the skin tone, style and whim of any and every woman. However, that’s not to say they have become too modern and casual to be considered a classic gem for fancy occasions. What better occasion is there to wear pearls than on your wedding day?

Pearls are perfect for weddings whether you are wearing them as the bride, a guest or giving pearls as a gift. For centuries this has been the practice as pearls represent purity and innocence. In an ancient Hindu book dating back to 1000 B.C. Krishna, the preserver, brought forth pearls from the depths of the ocean to give to his daughter on her wedding day. Hence the tradition of giving pearls to the bride.

TImeless gem for beautiful brides

But how can you incorporate pearls into your wedding without being just like everyone else? There is the generic way to go about pearls and that’s to match your gorgeous gown with the perfect strand of pearls. A timeless look, but nothing that has not been done before, even if you mix conventional strands with other jewels and embellishments like pictured below.

A simple strand of pearls goes with nay wedding gownA long strand of pearls for lower cut wedding gownsLonger pearls for bridal gowns to stand out and add something a little different.

One way to accomplish this is through your dress. Instead of wearing pearls with your wedding gown, how about wearing them ON your wedding gown.  With the right designer or dress maker, pearls on a wedding gown can add just enough class without being overbearing or distracting. Some dresses will make the pearls the focal point, making it the statement part of the gown. Here are some examples of real beauty.

Pearls are added to any style gown to give them an extra wow factor


 The pearl theme at your wedding doesn’t have to stop there. If the pearl gowns are too much or its perfect and you want you something to match, it’s time to look at head pieces. The ideal something to glisten and peek out of your hair, as you dance on the happiest night of your life. Whether it’s a pin, band or a tiara, pearls are a wonderful addition.

Pearl Headpeices

Beautiful pearls can be added to upgrade any style of wedding head piece!

The options are limitless. You can even have pearls attached to your veil, not just in your hair. Pick one or the other or both! It’s your wedding and you can never have too much love, just like you can never have too many pearls.

All styles of veils with one thing in common- lustrous pearls!


Don’t forget to include your bridesmaids and flower girls in this wonderful style. carry on the theme with pearl cap sleeves, collars, boleros and more- allowing pearls in more exciting ways than traditional strands. And even those can be a fantastic accumulation to your bridal party.

Add pearls to any bridesmaids gown like these pearls cap sleevesFlower girl decked in pearls



And the final touch; the bouquet. You clutch the perfect bouquet of flowers throughout the ceremony, the vows, the photos and the video, up until that final point when you toss it to your single friends. You can spend months finding the perfect color flowers or know what you want before you even found your man, whichever is the case, adding a little pearl frosting to your bouquet can never hurt! Some women prefer full pearl bouquets over flowers. Check out some great ideas here:

Pearls add a sparkle to wedding bouquets of any color Bouquet with scattered pearls adding a glisten Pearl Bouquet perfect for any bride Wedding bouquet with pearls


Have fun pearling it up on your special day! You deserve to feel like a princess and there’s no better way to ensure that than with pearls. Enjoy your day as a celebrity!

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