Pearls: Jewelry at Its Best

At one time, pearls were synonymous with gracious living, Suburbia, and a great upper middle-class life. This was in the 1950s, when Donna Reed reigned supreme, and early TV sitcoms proclaimed that if you had pearls, then you had “arrived”.

Pearls were de rigeur fashion accessories. Outbreaks of basic pearl jewelry, freshwater pearl earrings, and rather trivial “trinkets with pearls in them” were so inevitable they basically turned these beautiful jewels into something seen almost everywhere.

celebrity pearls

The sad part of this story is that pearls have been for thousands of years part of some of the most beautiful jewelry ever created. They were never really considered ‘plain’ up until that point.

The good news for pearl fans is that new designs and custom pearl jewelry are returning pearls to their rightful place as true works of art. The era of ‘plain pearls’ is definitely over. The new generation of designers is completely changing the face of pearl jewelry for good.

The legendary Akoya pearl neccklaces have been leading the charge to high quality, high fashion pearl designs. These original Mikimoto pearls are back in the limelight, this time featuring some incredible design principles for pearl jewelry.

The interesting thing about the new pearl designs is that customisation has quite literally created a whole new dimension of new design possibilities. Better technology is helping a lot, too. The new pearl designs aren’t so much complex as elegant.

Simplicity remains, but ornamentation, cascades of pearls, and the ever- widening spread of colored pearls is completely changing the design palette. The result, inevitably, is much more use of color, the ability to access different colour combinations, and a much more sensitive approach to the use of pearls in designs.

If you’re looking for an adventure in design, check out some of the new pearl jewelry designs today. You’ll be pleasantly surprised.

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