Pearls; No Longer Just Jewelry.

Pearls are everywhere!! We have seen pearls for men,pearls for decking out the house, pearls for wedding and pearls for more casual days. However, for the real pearl lover, pearls do not end there. Pearls do not just have to be worn as jewelry in conventional styles. Even if you push the limits and wear pearls boldly, they are still worn within the genre of jewelry.

Pearl lovers and experts will tell you that pearls are not just jewelry, they are an accessory. Just like the home can be accessorized with pearls, so can the things we use and wear everyday!

The easiest way to accessorize with pearls is through your hair.  Away from prying hands and being bumped around, your head is the best spot to place delicate pearl accessories, like headbands and pins, working for both adults and children.  As seen on celebrities and TV, pearl headbands are the perfect accessory.

As seen on TV's Gossip Girl, pearl headbands are all the rage

You can have a simple headband with a strand of pearls or a more intricate floral design to really call attention to your head bling.

pearl headband with exquisite detailing

pearl headband- simple in a single strand style

This style works for adults and for children.

baby headband with pearls

If head bands are not your speed, there are numerous other options. Hair clips,pins and pony tail bands, one pearl lover has even gone so far as to wrap a rope of pearl directly around her pony tail hairstyle. Depending on your preferences, there are pearls for all kinds of women and styles to work with.

pearl bow hair pony holder hair pin accessories with pearls hair accessory

If blitzing out your hair is not appealing, then move onto the many other options that pearls have to offer, like sunglasses.

Everyone who is anyone, including Rihanna, are pearling out their sunglasses.

Rihanna wearing pearl rimmed sunglasses

From big time designers to cheaper knockoffs, pearls are adorning eye-wear everywhere.

simple pearl eyewear Pearl and Crystal Sunglasses

If pearl rims are too much, try a simpler rim style or a pearl chain to hold your sunglasses or reading glasses around your neck.

Pearl chains for sunglasses are more subtle that pearl rims

Working from head to toe, pearls have the ability to adorn all kinds of accessories. Like collars and ties, which sit like pearl necklaces  but are a more modern and unconventional take on wearing pearls around your neck.

pearl collar with pointed ends- perfect for all necklines

Large Pearl collar- slip it on to dress up any old outfit

Intricate cut out peter pan pearl collar

pearl tie


Working with a diverse amount of necklines and outfits, these are just some styles in which pearls can be worn.

Belts are another great way to spice up an outfit with pearls. Weather its a plain black dress or a detailed outfit that needs pearls to tie it all together, pearl belts are no longer just for wedding gowns, and come in delicate forms like the thin gold belt below or in statement pieces like the black tie pearl belt- where pearls are really the focus.


draped pearl belt

thin gold belt with pearl design in center

pearl belt with bow to tie

There’s no need to wait for that classic pearl bracelet that your grandmother has been promising to you for years, because now there are pearl adorned watches! The beauty of a bracelet and functionality of a watch, pearl lovers all over the world are rocking pearls on their wrists with a great twist.

Pearl watches come in multiple strands and colors- perfect matches for anyones pallete

Nail are is all the rage and a great new way to express color, individuality and originality. It is also another way to bedeck your hands with pearls in so many different ways!

Pearl flowers add whimsy to any nail color

Pearl and baroque nail overlay.

Nail art lover have endless options when it comes to pearls.

Small white pearls give your nails a 3D shine!

A girl can never have too many shoes and a girl can never have too many pearls. Imagine combining both?!

Pearls on high heel shoes

If this combination is too much for your look, pearls can bedazzle shoes in much subtler ways.

Pearl ankle braclet- adding glam to any shoe!


Another trend that also works for children. Adorable is an understatement.

baby shoes with pearls

Accessorizing with pearls doesn’t stop there.  You can deck out phone covers, tablet cases, purses, evening bags and even bookmarks with pearl quotas that fit your taste and personality.

Extravagant Pearl iphone case

Pearls can decorate phone cases in more fun and funky ways

Pearls embellish a plain phone case

Your tablet case can be fit for royalty. Spice up any business meeting with this pearl tablet cover. Pearls decorate a classic purse

Pearls on a clutch for an evening on the town or wedding.


You can even turn mundane activities like writing thank you cards or college essays to something to look forward to with pearl pens.

pearl pens. Writing is no longer a chore!

For that special occasion; the fancy dress party, Halloween or masquerade ball there are pearl masks that are perfect.

Some leave everything up to the imagination while others leave out the mystery and focus on the beauty of pearls.

If you are not into wearing masks, they make great decoration pieces in the home.

pearl and gold masquerade mask

Seeing pearls, masquerade mask of lustrous white pearls

white and ivory pearl beaded eye mask

Eye mask made entirely of draped pearls

Half eye pearl mask

pearl and gold baroque style eye mask

Enjoy wearing pearls in ways you never imagined!

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