Pearls; Not Just For The Ladies Anymore…


All that’s seen these days when discussing pearls, are glamorous women decked out in glistening pearls necklaces, dangling drop earrings that glint in the sunlight, and beautiful pearl bracelets with exquisite clasps adorning the wrists of anyone who is anyone.

Glamorous pearls worn by everybody who is anybody

But what about men? Men can wear gold bands, diamond studs and silver necklaces, as well as watches adorned with all kinds of diamonds and gems. So why not pearls? Don’t fret because the truth of the matter is, there are pearls for men. This exquisite jewel is not exclusive to women and in small doses can be made for even the most masculine of men.

Masculine Pearl Cufflinks

In the olden times men wore pearl adornments quite frequently. While it is uncommon to see men wearing pearls in modern times, men have been utilizing pearls for centuries.  Royalty wore pearls as a sign of wealth and affluence. They did not limit themselves to a pearl necklace here and there, they were decked out. Bellow on the left is the Prince of Dholpur adorned with pearls on his crown and chest. On the right is the Maharaja of Patiala in his entire splendor in the Royal Indian Courts.

Prince of Dholpur and Maharaja of Patiala in pearls of royalty

The ancient Romans also adored pearls. Pliny said of them: “It is not sufficient for them to wear pearls, but they must trample and walk over them.” Pearls were used to deck armor when going into battle to intimidate the enemy.

Pearls were not just worn by men on clothing, armor and crowns. Queen Elizabeth I, awarded many of her soldiers medallions with pearls as the one on the left given to Sir Francis Drake. On the right is a miniature of Queen Elizabeth I, executed by Nicholas Hilliard about a decade later, in honor of Queen Elizabeth I’s love of the pearl.

Pearl medallions given by Queen Elizabeth

Thankfully for men, pearls are accessible for men in much more subtle and macho styles these days.

There are cufflinks, tie clips, pearl adorned Swiss army knives, watches and even masculine necklaces. Pearls for men are making a comeback and we could not be happier!

Pearl cufflinks and tie clips

Pearl pocket knife and pearl necklace for men




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