Pearls: For Your 30th Anniversary

The 30th wedding anniversary is the traditional pearl anniversary. The great news for those celebrating their 30th anniversary is that thanks to new designs and new technology, the range of choices of gifts is huge.

(You have to wonder about some of these “traditional” gifts for each anniversary. The traditional gifts for the 10th anniversary, for example, are tin and aluminium. What, do you say “Thanks for 10 years of happy marriage, here’s a tin can and a door frame?” Stick to good things like pearls for your anniversary, on principle.)

pearls on silk

Pearls As Gifts 

Pearls are among the most versatile of all jewelry gifts. Stunning pearl necklaces, pearl earrings, brooches, and more are all available, including some very high status pearls:

  • Pearl necklace: Pearl necklaces really do go with everything. They’re the perfect accompaniment to any outfit, any setting, and go well with other jewelry. They’re light, beautiful, and easy to wear on any occasion.
  • Pearl earrings: These earrings include truly dazzling, hyper-elegant, designs. The “cascade” earrings, in particular, are magnificent.
  • Akoya pearls: Akoya pearls are the uber-chic Ferraris of the pearl universe. They were the original Mikimoto pearls, the original Japanese pearls that turned pearls into high fashion around the world. The Akoya pearls include the dazzling golden and peach pearls, among many others.
  • Matching sets: It’s now easy to get very high quality pearls in matching sets, even the exceptionally beautiful black and other high lustre pearls. You can get necklaces, bracelets, and earrings in a set, creating a full spectrum of wearable design options.
  • Custom pearl settings: This is a gift option many people don’t know about. Custom jewelry, using top quality materials and pearls, is a real possibility for your anniversary gift. Your jeweler will be able to tell you exactly what you want to know about prices, designs, and everything else.

Take the time to explore and consider your 30th anniversary gift options. You’ll be stunned at what’s available.

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