Quick Fixes for a Broken Clasp

While you may have never had one before, a fashion emergency can happen to anybody. Hopefully yours doesn’t involve a ripped dress or other night-ending problem, but if the clasp on your pearl necklace breaks it’s important to follow a few simple steps to determine the damage and get a fix ready fast.

A broken pearl necklace on a sheet.

Determine The Extent Of The Damage

Depending on the type of necklace and the length, a broken clasp can mean a number of different things. At the minimum, the arm of the clasp cracks, causing the necklace to fall off. The worst-case scenario would be a clasp completely coming off the necklace, making it possible for the pearls themselves to fall off. This generally doesn’t happen with a simple clasp malfunction, but it can be possible in certain circumstances, like if someone trips and accidentally grabs your necklace on the way down.

Is It Still Wearable?

In the first situation, it’s likely that your pearls are still wearable, as the end of the necklace is still intact. On a smaller, choker-style piece, it may be too difficult to salvage the necklace to be worn that night, but the repair is relatively simple. For longer necklaces, it can be extremely easy to use some of the additional length to tie a small knot or bow and retain most of the necklace’s length.

If you’re dealing with a clasp that has come off completely, you may still be able to salvage the necklace for the night, but in most cases it’s a bad idea to do so. Since you have a completely open end to the necklace, there is a much larger chance that some of the pearls will come off if you continue to wear it. Instead, put it somewhere safe for the rest of the night and take it to the jeweler the next morning.

Getting A Clasp Repaired

Depending on the complexity of the necklace, having a clasp repaired is generally a very straightforward process. While the jeweler that you take it to might not have an identical clasp in stock, they will almost always be able to salvage the necklace by adding an identical looking clasp to the end. This is a relatively simple and inexpensive fix, so don’t be sucked into paying through the nose for an overly expensive clasp.

Remember, a broken clasp may seem like a major problem when it happens, but with some quick thinking you may be able to salvage the night while keeping your pearl jewelry where it’s supposed to be: on your neck.

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