Select The Right Pearl Necklace

Showing off your personality through jewelry isn’t always an easy task. You want to have something unique, yet you don’t want to stray too far away from a traditional look or have a clash of colors. It takes some skill to bring together multiple colors that work with almost any attire. However, if you you have a great looking necklace that uses high luster multicolored pearls, you will find that practically anything is possible.

pearl necklace

A necklace of multicolored pearls highlights all of the warm, natural tones that pearls are so well known for. Although the necklace includes the unusual look of pearls that vary in color, the traditional pearl effect is still there with a muted, abstract shine. Your outfit can be complimented by any one of the colors as the pearls become a highlight, a finishing touch that tops off the whole ensemble. The colors blend together, giving the wearer an excellent look no matter what she is wearing.

Any one of the pearls’ beautiful shades of blue, brown, green and black allows you to freely express yourself through their rich assortment of darker colors. The luscious pearls will still catch the eye, drawing attention to your outfit as a reflection of shadow and light. Take advantage of the multiple tones as you design a wide range of outfits that include both formal and casual wear. Fortunately, pearls are incredibly versatile when used as an accessory, enhancing every look they encounter softly and with an admirable subtlety.

To enhance the look further, try matching multicolored pearl necklaces with either traditionally white pearl or similar multicolored pearl bracelets. This will help you get more of the great look you want! You can also pair them with silvery bracelets, or add a dash of bold color by wearing bright bangles in matching colors to the pearls in the necklace. Add some simple pearl earrings to add the final touch to the outfit.

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