Show Off That Summer Tan With The Help Of A Tahitian Pearl Bracelet

One of the most sought after looks this season has been one of complimentary colors. You may have a black dress with dark pearls for a cocktail party, but when you’re down on the beach or even just by the water it’s far more likely that you’ll be wearing a lovely pink freshwater pearl necklace with your beautiful summer dress. While so many things about the summer have stayed the same, there is one thing that inevitably changes. As summer fades to fall, many things will change, but why not keep the theme of summer even while the temperature drops outside.

Your tan may still be there, but the fall outfits are already out in force. As you head back to work, you may want to don one final reminder of summer: a Tahitian pearl bracelet. After all, what is more exemplary of the summer sun than a pearl that has been cultivated on the beaches of Tahiti?

Tahitian pearls are the perfect compliment to your fading summer tan, but they are also the ideal transition piece from summer into fall. As you begin to don more muted colors, or even just the classic fall motif of red and orange, the darker overtones of the Tahitian pearls, mixed with the subtle greens that you’ll notice as the pearls catch the light, will serve as a great accessory to those fall colors.

Heading to your first company party since being back from your vacation? A beautiful new bracelet is an excellent option to catch the eye after a brief (or extended) vacation. When you wear Tahitian pearls the inevitable question will be “So, where did you go this summer?” Hopefully you will have a great answer for them; otherwise you can just let the beautiful greens of your beautiful Tahitian pearl bracelet do the talking for you.

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