Simple Yet Elegant: The Rise Of The Solitaire Pearl Pendant

There are so many negative connotations with the word ‘solitary’, but that is about to change. One of the most recent trends in fashion has been the idea of wearing a singular gemstone, whether on a necklace, bracelet, or even on your earrings. This could be as simple as a pair of studded pearl earrings, but it can get far more complex than that. There are also many misuses of the solitaire idea, which you’ll see infrequently in the form of extra-large 20-30mm ‘costume’ pearls worn singularly on a necklace.

While the trend of wearing ‘costume’ pearls may not have much ground, the right type of solitaire pendant is something that you can wear for decades to come, without worrying that it’s too minimalist.

The solitaire pearl pendant, done right, is something to behold. It is traditionally worn with a 14k gold or white gold chain, and the pearl itself is of exceptional quality. Bigger is not better here; while a 20-30mm costume pearl may make you seem dated in a years’ time, a 10-11mm pearl is a perfect option to subtly dress up an outfit. When you are relying on one pearl to do the work of many, you want to make sure that it is of exceptional quality, AA+ or higher.

As you may have guessed, wearing the solitaire pearl does take some effort, but most of that work is done by making sure that you aren’t crowding the pearl out with a complex outfit. You’ll want to keep added jewelry to a minimum and make sure that your outfit isn’t too busy. The perfect choice is to wear this pendant with a strapless black cocktail dress, something simple yet elegant. Are you wearing a solitaire pendant today? Why not? Take a look at our selection and see if there is something that you could wear to your next cocktail party or company outing.

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