Skylar Earrings – A Dazzlingly Complex Way To Wear Pearls

When it comes to the pearls that you wear most often, there is no better choice than a simple set of stud pearl earrings. While studs are a great choice for a casual look, you may want to bring out another set for when you are going to a more formal occasion, or one where you want to make a bit of an impact, the stud earrings will inevitably make their way to the jewelry box. In most cases, your only choice for a complex design is to look for some type of cluster of pearls or a dangling earring, but that shouldn’t be the case.

The Skylar look is one that serves as the perfect middle ground between a simple stud earring and the complex designs that you can find on dangling or clustered pearls. While the base of the earring is a stud, wrapped around it are intertwining bands that form a complex look that retains the benefits of wearing a stud.

Since the Skylar has the space for it, you will often find other precious stones adorning the rings behind the earring. This gives it a much more striking look, especially when the pearl and precious metal are the same color, as you will find in a Golden South Sea pearl Skylar earring.

Of course, there are also many situations where a Skylar earring might not be as good of a choice. If you have chosen a more streamlined outfit, you may want to look for something that is more complex, and that hangs off your earlobes a bit more. This will strike the right balance between your jewelry and your outfit.

While you may still break out your collection of other earrings, the Skylar is a great option when you are moving around. It will still give you the complexity of a much larger earring, but it won’t move around too much either, making it safe for activities where you want to look great but don’t want to run the risk of

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