So, It’s Your Anniversary…

So, it’s your anniversary and you don’t know what to get your wife. Year after year you brainstorm and browse, buy and Gold gift boxreturn and just can’t seem to hit the nail on the head with a gift perfect for your wife.

So, it’s your anniversary and your husband just can’t seem to get the right gift for you. You drop hints and leave catalogues open, you tell your sister to get involved and make sure it’s exactly what you want and you put tons of thought and effort in your gift to your husband and every year he almost gets it, but just not quite. Once again, the queen of gems shows its worth.

Traditionally pearls are worn on a wedding day to signify purity and are the customary gift for a 30th anniversary. However, the pearl is the perfect gift for every anniversary, not matter how many years you have been together.  Depending on how you feel about your partner and their preferred colors, there is the perfect pearl color representation for your loved one.

NO matter the budget, there are pearls in all shapes, sizes and colors. If you are looking to spend extravagantly, a perfect Hanadama set with pearl earrings and a matching Akoya pearl necklace, is the key to your wife’s happiness. Ladies, click the link and keep that tab open on your husband’s computer. ;)

For a smaller budget, a pearl pendant is the perfect gift. With Golden South Sea necklaces being a little pricier, a Golden South Sea pendant will add the perfect glimmer to your wife collarbone.  Another inexpensive option is a Freshwater pearls. Beautiful shades of pinks and peaches add fresh femininity to necklaces, earrings and Freshwater pearl bracelets. Happy anniversary and enjoy spending decadent time with your loved one and beloved pearls.

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