Spice Up Tahitian Pearls With A Bit Of Color

So many people love Tahitian pearls, but have no good explanation for why they love them so much. If pressed, the answer that many will give is that they are such a different color than traditional pearls, even some of the more exotic golden or pink pearl options. Unlike many other pearls, Tahitian pearls actually tend to change color as the light hitting them changes as well, making for a much more complex jewelry option than traditional pearls.

If you are drawn to Tahitian pearls, it might be for their relatively complex color scheme. After awhile however, even colorful Tahitian pearls might start to get a little old. What should you do then?


8-10mm Multicolor Tahitian South Sea Pearl Necklace – AAA Quality

Adding a bit of color to the mix

When you really want to spice up your look, you can add a bit more color to these already complex pearls. Most Tahitian pearl earrings are sold with silver jewelry, and sometimes with one or more diamonds attached to the setting itself. While this is a good look, you can go even further by opting for sapphires as opposed to diamonds. Blue sapphires may fade into the background a bit, but purple sapphires are a great option to really bring out the color of the pearls even further.

Even with something as exotic as Tahitian pearls, wearing them regularly can start to become boring after awhile. There are many ways to dress up these beautiful pearls, but if you really want something that will get you noticed, then a pair of Tahitian South Sea Pearl & Sapphire earrings will work very nicely. They are a great combination, and if you choose a moderately sized pearl (9mm works nicely), you will find that they really look great together. If you are looking at bracelets, a multicolored Tahitian pearl bracelet is the perfect choice for an exotic, tropical look. Remember, the bigger the difference in color, the more striking the color of each pearl on your wrist.

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