Stand Out With Pearl Stud Earrings: 3 Unique Colors That Will Turn Heads

It’s a widely known fact that no matter where you wear pearls on your body, they will illustrate that you are someone who knows a little bit about style. Pearls are among the most beautiful things on the planet, and that is why people have been wearing them on their bodies for as long as there has been recorded history. Time-tested colors like white and gold are likely to last as far into the future as they have from the past, so why not go with something that will make people turn around and stare a bit? Standing out with pearl stud earrings is simple if you try one of these 3 unique colors to get people’s heads turning.

1) Pink

A nice faint pink colored pearl earring is a great way to stand out from the crowd. Psychologists think that pink symbolizes love and nurturing attitudes. That’s part of the reason that they make a great gift. On top of that, pink is a very feminine color, and will be a great accessory to any outfit for a night on the town. It’s important to be careful not to go too extreme and get a fake-looking hot pink earring though, because that will not turn heads for the reasons you are looking for. A nice pink shade will add the perfect touch without going overboard.

2) Peach

Named for the light exterior of the fruit, peach is a color that can represent many things. It conjures up feelings of exotic locations and summer time fun, but peach isn’t all fun and games like it appears. To the Chinese, peach symbolized immortality because of the peach tree. A pearl stud earring with a fine peach color can be a great way to get people to look twice when they see what you are wearing. Not only is it visually pleasing, but it also is flexible. Wear it to an exotic location on vacation, to the beach for some summer fun, or out to a casual get together to give off easy-going vibes.

3) Tahitian Peacock

Tahitian pearls are some of the finest-quality pearls in existence, and have a nacre and luster that are unrivalled in the jewelry business. Named after the animal with the vibrant palette of colors on its tail, these pearls are sure way of getting people to notice what you have on your ears. The delicate blend of colors helps to make this type of pearl stud earring into one of the most versatile available. It’s dark colors work well with just about any outfit, and the blend of light and dark is capable fitting any mood or setting.

The traditional colors of white and gold will go a long way in this world, and you can never really go wrong when you wear them, but sometimes you just need to shake things up a bit and go with something that someone isn’t expecting. Wearing a pearl stud earring with an off the beaten path color such as pink, peach, or peacock is a great way to turn people’s heads when they see them. So stand out from the crowd and show off your personality with one of these unique types of earrings today.

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