The Color of Akoya Pearls

Akoya pearls are an interesting brand that you will see all over the world, wherever you can find high-end gemstones. While you may know the name Akoya, you may not realize that the pearls themselves actually come in a number of colors. While various colors of Akoya pearls have existed for years, by far the most popular choice of color is white. While white may be the most popular color for Akoya pearls, discerning pearl shoppers who want the quality of Akoya but with a different look have long chosen the black Akoya pearls as a great secondary option. 


Japanese Akoya Pearl Cluster Earrings

Black Akoya versus Tahitian Pearls

You may wonder, why would you choose black Akoya pearls over their Tahitian brethren? There is one very simple reason to make that choice (and another reason to choose Tahitian as well): quality standards.

The quality standards under which Akoya pearls are produced are unsurpassed in pearl cultivation today. This is an important distinction, as it ensures that your pearl quality is consistently good. While working with a reputable pearl jewelry distributor is also essential to maintaining this high standard of quality, you may want a ‘name brand’ behind your pearls.

That being said, one of the biggest benefits of Tahitian pearls is their darker, blue-green color. This color palate is something that black Akoya pearls cannot match, so there is still a spot for Tahitian pearls in your jewelry box. Since Akoya pearls are made to such high quality standards, there isn’t much differentiation in the color of the pearl either, making for a very consistently colorful piece of pearl jewelry. In contrast, some of the most popular Tahitian pearl options are sought after simply because of the differentiation in color between the pearls.

If you are looking for consistently high quality and a consistent color, black Akoya pearls are a great option from a reputable pearl cultivator. For beautiful pearl jewelry that has a slightly varied dark blue-green color, Tahitian is the best choice for you.

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