The Multicolored Pearl Bracelet, Your Multipurpose Accessory

For sheer versatility, no accessory beats a freshwater pearl bracelet strung with a distinctive arrangement of soft colors. Whether you want to dress up for a night on the town, soften the look of professional office attire or add some pizazz to your jeans and T-shirt, it is the perfect starting point. It can take any outfit from functional to fashionable in an instant.

A bracelet of this type is made of all-natural pearls in colors ranging from coral, soft pink, peach, creamy white to pale lavender, letting it fit in easily with whatever the color or style of clothes you choose to wear. The best size for the pearls is 8 to 9 mm.

You can put together a trendy look by pairing one of these with other bracelets made of beads, shells and stones. Turquoise especially is a natural complement for a multicolored freshwater pearl bracelet. A jangling cluster of bangles and gold chains looks great with jeans and a short jacket.

For an evening out, show off your arms in a short sleeve or sleeveless gown by layering several pearl bracelets, or a few with some leather or beaded bands. Set the whole thing off by carrying a small evening clutch.

At the office, a single strand multicolored freshwater pearl bracelet adds a subdued but elegant touch to the standard office suit of blouse under a jacket and skirt or pants.

Unfortunately, bracelets are subject to more accidents than any other type of jewelry simply because we use our hands and arms constantly; the way to avoid your bracelets breaking and flying off is to get the ones that use the best silk thread, with each pearl fixed in place with double knots. Look for a 14K gold clasp that is easy to fasten and closes securely.

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