The Pearl Challenge:

Pearl is the modern birthstone for the month of June. Pearls are also the birthstone for the star signs of Gemini’s and Cancers.  However you won’t just see Geminis, Cancers and those born in the month of June wearing these lustrous, sought after gems. Now is the time to take on the pearl challenge.



Whereas pearls where once only seen on the rich and famous, showing status and wealth, now you will see pearls being worn almost anywhere you go. Challenge yourself to make note of where you see women adorned in pearls, whether subtly or dramatically. There are the obvious places like ladies in church, cocktail events, weddings and the office holiday party. Look for the teacher in the classroom wearing a classic single strand, the woman on her morning jog wearing her Akoya pearl bracelet, or the house wife, shopping in the grocery store, wearing her Handama pearl set.  There is the museum curator wearing her pearl drop earrings, the night clubber dancing away with her multiple strands glistening in the strobe lights of the club, and the businessman closing a deal with a firm handshake, adorned in one of a kind pearl cufflinks. Pearl lovers are even accessorizing their homes with pearls.

Casual pearls worn by teacher

Keep up the challenge; how many more unexpected places do you notice pearls being utilized?  Not only can you see pearls are everywhere and worn in all situations, but there is validation that you can also wear pearls on any occasion.  Women are no longer dripping in diamonds, more practically, they are dripping in pearls. Try it out. As well as wearing pearls with your regular outfits or at suitable events, challenge yourself to pull them off at the most unconventional of times. You’ll be surprised how amazing it feels when decked out in pearls at all times.

Dripping in pearls


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