The Perfect Pearl Necklace For The Beach

Finding the right pearls for a special occasion can be relatively easy. Most special occasions call for a simple white pearl necklace, sometimes combined with other pearl jewelry, but what about when you’re looking for the perfect set of pearls to wear to a casual event or even a day at the beach?


Photo via Angie’s Diary

Not all beaches are created equal

While a white pearl necklace might be a great choice for a cocktail party by the water, it’s not as appropriate for the beach. You still can wear your favorite necklace and look good, but when you want to look great it’s time to think outside the box.

When it comes to wearing pearls at the beach, not all beaches are created equal. Depending on the occasion, you might find yourself wearing two completely different sets of pearls. If you are choosing something for a day at the local beach, peach or pink colored pearls are a great option. They will fit in with most beach outfits, and the fact that your jewelry is actually from the sea helps to tie the look together nicely.

If you are on vacation on a more exotic beach, pink pearls will still do well, but there are plenty of other options to choose from as well. A better choice might be a more exotic flavor of pearl, namely Tahitian or golden freshwater pearls. For a more relaxed exotic beach vacation, you may even forego the pearl necklace in favor of a pearl bracelet or even just a simple set of pearl stud earrings.

Even when you go to the beach, you have the opportunity to choose the perfect set of pearls for the occasion. Pearls are always a great choice when you are by a large body of water. If you are staying local, pink or peach colors will be best, for a more exotic beach (and an exotic look), choose golden or Tahitian pearls to really accentuate your look.

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