Why Akoya Pearls Are More Valuable

For someone who is just beginning to get into pearls, or maybe buying a pearl necklace for a friend or loved one, just understanding what separates some pearls from others is extremely important. It may seem obvious that larger, more perfectly rounded pearls are more expensive, but what about some of the brands out there. Today, we are going to look at one of the premier pearl types out there: Akoya pearls.

A strand of Akoya Pearls

When it comes to Akoya pearls, you aren’t paying for a brand name. There is no Akoya Company that is in charge of manufacturing these pearls. The name Akoya comes from the small Akoya oyster that is used to cultivate these beautiful pearls. The reason that they are so prized around the world is because of two things: beauty and scarcity.

The breeders who cultivate Akoya oysters are unique in that they have spent years trying to make the healthiest oysters possible. They spend so much time on ensuring that the oyster is healthy because that is what ultimately dictates the luster on the pearls they are cultivating. This focus has paid off; Akoya pearls are world-renowned for having superior luster and color, and buyers have to pay up for that type of high quality.

The second reason that they are so much more valuable than other pearls is due to the number of Akoya pearls in existence. While pearl cultivation continues every year, the number of pearls that can be made by a single Akoya oyster is a small fraction of the amount made by freshwater pearl cultivators. Given the number of pearls created every year, simple supply and demand dictates that Akoya pearls will have a higher price.

What does that mean for you? If you are looking to buy Akoya pearls, you can rest assured knowing that they will be some of the highest quality pearls that you have in your collection, and that they will remain a valuable part of your collection over time, as only a few new pearls are produced every year.

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