The Wonder of a Golden South Sea Pearl Necklace

Have you ever walked past someone wearing a necklace made of pearls so beautiful that you couldn’t help but turn your head and stare? Have you ever seen a set of pearls so large and full of luster that you thought you just had to have them? The chances are that you were looking at a Golden South Sea Pearl Necklace. These pearls have a certain shine about them that makes them stand out from the crowd, and grab someone’s attention immediately. Unlike other pearl types which are usually a little smaller and less brilliant, golden South Sea pearls not only shine luminously, but grow to be much larger than your average pearl. Only when seen in person can the beauty of these gems be truly appreciated.

What is a golden south sea pearl?

If you have read on our site before, you might know that a South Sea pearl is a cultivated saltwater pearl that is usually harvested in the region of The Philippines and other parts of the South Seas. These special objects come from the gold-lipped variety of the mighty Pincada Maxima mollusk. This type of creature produces nacre at a much quicker rate than others, which allows them to develop faster.

How do they get so big?

Out of all of the commercially harvested types of pearls out there, the golden south sea is among the largest. Harvests can reap pearls ranging from about 10mm all the way up to 20mm, but the usual size is somewhere around 13 or 14mm. Since the Pincada Maxima is so large, it can fit a much larger bead (the seed that is planted to make the pearl). Over the span of at least two years, the pearl inside is able to grow to a much larger size than that of other pearls types, such as the ones produced in Japan.

So why buy a necklace?

The size of a golden south sea pearl is what really makes it a special piece to put on a necklace. Since they are so rare, often come in large sizes, and give off a regal sense of respect, we highly recommend this gift for a woman who has advanced far in her career, or commands a great deal of respect from her family or peers. These pearls cannot be worn by just anybody. A golden south sea pearl necklace is the perfect gift for your mother to show how much you appreciate what she has done for your family, your wife or girlfriend for achieving that promotion that she’s been fighting for, or a prominent friend who has had a lifetime full of service to the community. Don’t let them wear just anything around their necks, go for that special golden necklace.

A golden south sea pearl necklace is also the perfect complement to business attire, and a real symbol of power, respect, intelligence, and class. This pearl, farmed in the peaceful, clean waters of south Asia, famed for its rarity, cleanliness, and luster is the pinnacle of class, and belongs nowhere else besides draped around a special woman’s neck. Don’t hesitate on buying the perfect gift for the woman that you love.

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